Mars Aerobot Study

Rotating Wings Aerobot for the Martian Atmosphere.

Rotating Wings Aerobot for the Martian Atmosphere.

The objective of this study was the assessment of different rotary wing aerobot configurations for their suitability to achieve controlled flight in the martian atmosphere. Furthermore a number of different breadboards for a single propulsive unit (motor + propeller + thermal system) were designed and analyzed. A next step would be to manufacture and subjected these units to a corresponding test series in a relevant thermal, vacuum and dust environment. These results would then provide the basis for a multi physics simulation concerning the aerodynamic, thermal and control aspects of such a robotic planetary aerial vehicle. Finally a complete breadboard aerobot from mostly components of the shelf should be developed and implemented to demonstrate flight worthiness in a larger mars environment chamber.

To achieve this goal, several key aspects need to be considered and expertise in a number of disciplines is necessary. The pictures below show a possible implementation considering the main requirements regarding low Reynolds number aerodynamics, aerobot control and thermal design.